InSiteTrack automates the process of capturing, analysing and responding to competitor price changes. The web based interface, can even be configured to make price recommendations based on your own business rules.


InSiteTrack automatically analyses the market prices and provides immediate feedback on competitor price changes, lower, lowest, variances and many more key price metrics. The system does all the ‘heavy lifting !


InSiteTrack eliminates all the time consuming aspects of tracking and analysing prices. Users can make rapid, informed pricing decisions with all the tools we provide. It’s fast, efficient and very cost effective.

InSiteTrack: Price Intelligence and price management

Our automated web based tool gives you the visibility you need to compete in todays hyper-competitive markets. Monitor thousands of product prices automatically. InSiteTrack is the most comprehensive and flexibile price tracking tool on the market!

Why choose InsiteTrack ?

InsiteTrack is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly identify pricing issues and opportunities. But that’s not all, with InsiteTrack you will also get the most amazing customer support around!
  • Comprehensive suite of competitor & retailer price reports
  • Price watch and email alerts
  • Auto re-pricer module that works on your own business rules
  • Tailored reports and functionality to meet your business requirements
  • Intergration with your back office and ecommerce systems
  • Amazing customer support
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Customer Feedback

“InsiteTrack saves so much time and resource. The system alerts us to competitor price moves and gives us all the analysis we need to make fast, informed decisions, it has had a very positive impact on our business.”
Managing Director, Sports Equipment Retailer
“We have 1000’s of products, I needed a system that could track prices on a daily basis and alert me when a competitor made a move. InsiteTrack does this and so much more, it’s become an indespensible tool for us.”
“At the push of a button I can see how many of my competitors prices are lower than mine, what prices have changed, new products they have introduced and those products where I can increase my price, all updated on a daily basis.”
“Managing pricing for more than 20,000 sku’s is a real challenge, especially in a competitive market like ours. InsiteTrack provides us with the visibility we need to compete effectively in the market and has helped us automate a lot of the price management process”
“InsiteTrack helps the sales team manage their retail accounts more effectively. They can proactively deal with compliance more rapidly and spend more time supporting business development activities”]
“InsiteTrack is a very effective channel manangement tool for us. The reports and email alerts help us to identify activities that have potential negative impact on our brand and our channel relationships.”]

Key Features & Benefits

  • Visibility – access to all your competitor / retailer prices
  • Respond quickly to competitor / retailer price changes
  • Fully automated system saves you time and speeds up decision making
  • Comprehensive analysis of you competitive position
  • Increased sales and margins – identify opportunities to increase prices and margins
  • Gives you a real competitive advantage
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