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Amazon – Don’t be Evil !

I have a kind of ‘love / hate’ relationship with Amazon. I love the convenience, range of products and fast delivery when shopping on Amazon. But as a small, retail focused business, I really worry […]

Competitor Pricing Strategies Top tips for success

What do we mean by ‘Competitor Pricing Strategy’ ?

A competitor pricing strategy is one that takes into consideration the prices your competitors are charging for the same or similar products. If you’re selling ‘commodity’, branded […]

How Retail Technology Is Changing The Game

Do you search the store and then buy on-line?
Over the weekend I went high street shopping. It’s not my favourite pastime but I was persuaded that I needed to see the items before making a […]

Are you on the Pricing Intelligence journey?

Building Pricing Intelligence Maturity
Price intelligence is one of the most important factors in building business competitiveness. However, not everyone is at the same point along the pricing intelligence journey.

The journey I’m talking about, I like […]

Create a Winning Google Shopping Strategy

We’ve been tracking prices on Google Shopping for a long time and have seen it grow to become an increasingly important source of traffic and sales for our clients. But mastering Goggle Shopping campaigns requires […]

Is online price tracking now the competitive norm ?

Online price tracking tools enable rapid price response

Back in November 2000, Professor Robert J. Kauffman posed a question in a paper* that suggested that the Internet would lower on-line prices as a result on intense competition […]

Does price competitiveness drive loyalty?

 The buying triangle – Price, Availability and Convenience

Retailer and Brands invest heavily in customer loyalty. It serves them well as loyal customers tend to have an emotional connection to the retailer or brand. Loyalty is […]

Price monitoring, is it a skill or an art?

Tools save time

Today, it’s nearly impossible to see how you compare to the all your competitors without the aid of price monitoring tools, such as InSiteTrack. Yes, you can dip in and out to check prices, but this doesn’t […]

Is Sainsbury’s pricing strategy working ?

Is Sainsbury’s pricing strategy working ? 2nd Quarter Trading Figures Up 0.3%     

Finally there has been some good news for Sainsbury’s, The supermarket recently released its 2nd quarter trading figures which showed a 0.3% […]

Uber and its Use of Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is not a new strategy but, recently transportation company Uber have been criticised for its use of this pricing process. Many would describe the use of this strategy as greedy but, Uber have […]