Is online price tracking now the competitive norm ?

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Online price tracking tools enable rapid price response

Back in November 2000, Professor Robert J. Kauffman posed a question in a paper* that suggested that the Internet would lower on-line prices as a result on intense competition between vendors. His research presented a case where intense competition between vendors happens. However it doesn’t drive price down in a never-ending spiral. Instead his evidence […]

EU Antitrust commission looking into competitor prices of HiFi products

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On 2 February 2017, the European Commission started formal antitrust proceedings against D&M Holdings Inc. (Denon & Marantz) and all companies directly or indirectly controlled by them. The investigation relates to suspected agreements to fix the retail price or fix a minimum selling price on products sold in the Economic European Area.

The Commission suspects that Denon & Marantz may have […]

Price monitoring, is it a skill or an art?

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Tools save time

Today, it’s nearly impossible to see how you compare to the all your competitors without the aid of price monitoring tools, such as InSiteTrack. Yes, you can dip in and out to check prices, but this doesn’t give you an overall picture.

These tool save time and free up valuable resources. They provide retailers with accurate and near-real time price comparisons that couldn’t be […]

Does retail need a real transformation?

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Can Retail survive without a radical transformation?  Big powerful players like Amazon are changing the industry. Can it really compete in a world where price and data analytics influence consumer choices.

My previous business experience is not from the retail industry. So what have I got to offer?   None you may say, but please indulge my general observations and comparisons.

As far as I can […]

The implications of the shift to digital channels

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A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers economic report suggests the gradual shift in demand from traditional high street to digital channels has had a number of important implications for businesses:

Revenue: A shift to digital has not necessarily translated to extra demand via higher revenues, but businesses have been able to protect their revenue (rather than losing out to online competitors) by setting up […]

Do you plan to review your 2016 pricing strategies?

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Now that the year is almost over and the last minute rushes are underway, will you set time aside to review your pricing strategies over the past year?

As with many businesses, the New Year brings an opportunity to reflect on what went well and what didn’t.   As we’ve seen from many surveys pricing is still one of the top decision […]

What Factors Influence Online Purchases

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A recent America study suggests that `Price’ is the deciding factor that can influence online purchases. The findings come from the 2016 BigCommerce State of Omnichannel Retail Study.

Most important factors that influence online purchases

While Price is still a major influencer the survey found shipping cost and speed (80%), and discount offers (71%) as highly influential in the decision process.

Interestingly […]

Seasonal Price Strategy – what is yours this Christmas ?

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Do you have a seasonal price strategy for Christmas?

There were some interesting consumer shopping predictions highlighted in the “Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions”, that might help you determine your price strategy for the important Christmas selling period. The report revealed that between now and end of the year, shoppers in the UK are expected to spend a whopping £18 […]

Dynamic Pricing – What is it, and why does it matter?

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Dynamic Pricing – What is it, and why does it matter?

Retailers of all varieties face one universal challenge: Just how do you set the price for a product to reap the best balance between margin and sales? This challenge is, of course, an age old task that demands comprehensive knowledge of the market, as well as always up-to-date insight into […]

Retail trends, slowest online growth for more than 2 years

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Slowest online growth since April 2013
In what is a post-apocalyptic financial crash world, the past 12 months have seemingly reported little but good news. From positive retail trends, GDP which has performed steadily, onto a housing market that is decidedly buoyant and finishing upon employment figures that have suggested the economy is heading in the right direction.

Given this strong performance […]