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Are you on the Pricing Intelligence journey?

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Building Pricing Intelligence Maturity
Price intelligence is one of the most important factors in building business competitiveness. However, not everyone is at the same point along the pricing intelligence journey.

The journey I’m talking about, I like to call ‘Pricing Intelligence Maturity’. This can take many directions, including acquiring pricing knowledge, building pricing skills, systems deployments, or organisational transformation.
Setting your Price Intelligence […]

Do you use price comparison solutions as strategic insight?

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Do you need to view data in a different way?
In our previous blogs, we highlighted the need for retailers to understand their competitors through price comparison solutions. This is a still an essential stepping-stone in understanding your competitive landscape.

However, many of the companies we talk to also use data from these systems in a deeper strategic way. Instead of using the […]

Does price competitiveness drive loyalty?

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 The buying triangle – Price, Availability and Convenience

Retailer and Brands invest heavily in customer loyalty. It serves them well as loyal customers tend to have an emotional connection to the retailer or brand. Loyalty is highly regarded as it drives repeat business. However in today’s fast moving world where price competitiveness is key and brands compete more openly, customer loyalty is […]

Does retail need a real transformation?

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Can Retail survive without a radical transformation?  Big powerful players like Amazon are changing the industry. Can it really compete in a world where price and data analytics influence consumer choices.

My previous business experience is not from the retail industry. So what have I got to offer?   None you may say, but please indulge my general observations and comparisons.

As far as I can […]

What Factors Influence Online Purchases

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A recent America study suggests that `Price’ is the deciding factor that can influence online purchases. The findings come from the 2016 BigCommerce State of Omnichannel Retail Study.

Most important factors that influence online purchases

While Price is still a major influencer the survey found shipping cost and speed (80%), and discount offers (71%) as highly influential in the decision process.

Interestingly […]

Retail trends, get ready for Generation Z

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Big changes in consumer behaviour

The past two decades have represented a time of significant technological change, where increasingly of our lives are being shaped by the internet and its ever increasing impact on how we communicate, discover and shop. Of course this has meant much for the world of retail, where current trends sharply contrast to the retail trends of […]

Unlock the potential of a good pricing process

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Most business’s don’t have a pricing process

I came across this interesting KPMG press release recently that supports our long held view that the majority of business’s (big and small) have no formal price strategy or structured pricing process for managing prices.

Pricing is intrinsically linked to practically every metric of a business’s success: from revenue through to market share and finishing […]

Price automation is key to dynamic pricing

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It is surprising that companies embark on spending money on price automation tools without really understanding what’s needed.   This not just a problem with pricing tools.  It is a universal problem that affects thousands of IT applications and systems across the world.

The typical scenario is that an enthusiastic manager, CEO or even staff member is convinced that the tool is […]

Consumer Rights Receive the Biggest Shake Up ‘in a Generation’

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Consumer rights have been given one of the most significant overhauls in a generation and whilst its aim may be to streamline 8 pieces of legislation into one (which should ultimately aid both business and consumer alike) such major changes can present confusion, at least in the medium term following its release.

Of course as an online retailer you’ll likely want […]

5 Key SEO Takeaways for Ecommerce Websites

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Generally, if you rank higher than your competitors, you’ll be inclined to sell more than they do. To put things in perspective, a site that ranks first for a specific keyword will receive around 40% of the clicks on a results page. That’s twice that of a site that ranks second. In fact, 70% of all traffic goes to the […]