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2604, 2019

Competitor Pricing Strategies Top tips for success

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What do we mean by ‘Competitor Pricing Strategy’ ?
A competitor pricing strategy is one that takes into consideration the prices your competitors are charging for the same or similar products. If you’re selling ‘commodity’, branded products, widely available from other retailers, then you have to take into consideration your competitor prices when setting your own. Also known as market pricing, […]

1104, 2019

Is price comparison driving retail change?

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Retailers are challenged by many external competing forces
Price comparison, shopper convenience, product availability are all competing forces at play in the minds of both shoppers and retailers alike.

With apologies to Michael Porter, these forces are disruptive and ultimately drive big changes. Increasingly retailers are trying to reinvent themselves on how to balance these forces to ensure they win customers.

Today customers are equipped with product and price comparison knowledge that […]